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Be a bit more Simon Cowell

I have really slacked off with the blog writing I must say. I was wondering why and after much pontification I think it’s because I’m spending so much time in the GPP admin cave either physically or mentally, I’m not spending any time thinking enough creative thoughts to put fingers to keyboard.

Enough I say! I don’t quite know what the content of this entry will be but there has to be something worth writing about as a result of this 'over-admining'.

Firstly, as much as I’m still running, yoga-ing and Pilates-ing, I’m not moving as much as I’d like. The result? I’m stiff as a board at times…most likely from the fact that as I’m usually alone when I’m working, I have absolutely nothing to distract me – no colleagues asking me questions or going to make a cuppa and having a quick chat while at the kettle - and as a result I can end up sitting doing emails for two hours at a time without even moving. This has to stop! I know of some workplaces that have automatic screen locks on their PCs that force their staff to at least acknowledge that they should get up and move their bodies. I need to do that…I can easily set up a timer on my FitBit to buzz when I need to move. That is the first useful (for me at least!) thing that has come out of this post.

Secondly, I’m finding that I’m still checking emails well in to the evening because of the evil smart phone. I have to have my phone nearby in case any of the team call in sick, but leave it on silent so it doesn’t disturb the rest of the family. This means I keep picking it up to check it…and when I do I often have a quick look at emails. I do go through periods of time where I’m really disciplined and don’t check emails, but when it’s busier I almost want to know what I’m going to be faced with in the morning. So even if I don’t action anything, I’m still staying in work mode and that effectively means I’m mentally on duty pretty much from 06:30 – 22:30…that is not good. It means I’m not focusing on other things, not daydreaming or reading, or fully engaging in chats with the family, or watching something interesting on TV. My creative juices are seeping away and I’m letting it happen!

Simon Cowell was reported in the press the other day as having been phone free for the last 10 months and how much good it has done him. Admittedly he does have assistants to field and deal with any emergencies and if he misses a message or two then the reported £325,000,000 he has amassed will not simply vanish in to thin air and leave him destitute. But I do think I need to try and follow his lead and find more of a balance!

So as Pilates is about movement, wellbeing and a strong and healthy body and mind then I guess this post does tie in with what I as a Pilates instructor want for myself and our students. I need to set that timer, get moving more and simply be a bit more Simon Cowell!!

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