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Summer summer summer summertime...!

It is summer time 2015!

Ok, in the UK that means a mixture of sunshine and showers, but it is still the time of year that tends to catch us unawares with our fitness regime. For those of us with kids, we have either just broken up or we are coming in to the last 7 school days before we have the summer holidays (not that I'm counting!). For those unaffected by the school holidays, the hot weather and sunshine can still send us sideways and the offer of a pub garden and a glass of something can distract us from our usual routine. Why wouldn't I said sunshine and showers, so make hay while the sun shines and all that!

So what then happens to us over that 6-8 week period? I for one know that without regular physical activity, I get fidgety. I don't sleep as well, I don't have as much energy and if I don't do Pilates, my lower back starts to ache, my feet object and my neck and shoulders aren't too happy either.

The thing with any physical activity or sports is consistency. If you have to take a break from your classes, have you worked out how you are going to fit in a session or two at home to keep things ticking over? If you usually run in the evening or when the kids are at school, have you diarised to go early in the morning before work, or before your partner leaves the house if your children are not of the age to be left alone?

It doesn't take much to keep things going. I for one will be aiming to do 20-25 minutes of Pilates at home 2-3 times a week. I won't be doing anything fancy, just the Hundred, a few Roll-backs, Diamond Press/Swan Dive, Side-lying legs, Shoulder Bridge, Side Bend, Spine Twist - the aim will be to flex, extend, rotate, side-bend the spine and to do a bit of work to the glutes. We're not talking major creativity, but instead maintenance to ensure that everything gets moved and worked. For those of you with kids at home, get them to join in - children are great at shoulder bridge (annoyingly!). Don't expect them to do it perfectly, but it might just buy you some time to get your session done, while showing them that physical activity should be an integral part of everyone's lives.

As for cardio - I for one am planning adventure runs with Zeb. I thank Mr Terry, the former caretaker at Pewley Down Infant School for this inspiration. One activity day, he took the children on an adventure run round Pewley Downs which involved running round the mileage dial at the top of the Downs, over stiles, under fences and when Zeb showed us the route, we found we'd been out running for 40 minutes. Not a bad stint of cardio for parent and child!

I'm also thinking bike rides, tennis down at Holy Trinity School playground (which they leave open during the hols), a spot of football and picnic walks. There really are opportunities to stay active through the summer without spending a fortune and getting to enjoy time with the children while encouraging them to be active too. I will also be setting that alarm early so I can make the most of the lighter mornings and get out there alone for some me-time before the house awakens - it also means that it is done and out of the way early so I can't get sidetracked from an evening run.

So if you really can't get in to the studio for your usual classes and are finding other activities are falling by the wayside, do not fear, just keep doing little bits when you can and if you find you can grab an hour out of your day for a treat then give me a shout and I'll try to pop you in to a class.

Happy Summer to all - let's keep our bodies healthy and happy all the way through and let's hear it for DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince!

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