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What is this Pilates and how do I choose which class?

Pilates? Matwork? Reformer?

Pilates offers huge benefits to our clients. Not only does it strengthen and tone the body focusing on deep core stability in order to improve posture, but it can prevent injury, help alleviate pain, allow the body to relax and provide sports-specific conditioning. We teach people ranging from 12 to 80 years of age, with a range of backgrounds and goals, from international sports people, to pre and post-natal, to those suffering from serious illness and injuries.


But what to choose?


Matwork Classes


Matwork is the more portable version of Pilates and can be done with just a mat and largely uses the body's own resistance to strengthen and realign the body - we also like to use mini-balls, foam rollers, magic circles, blocks and bands.


Our mat classes cover all levels and when booked in our 8 week blocks, work out at £14 per hour with a maximum of 8 clients in a class. 


Reformer Classes


The Pilates Reformer is a fantastic bit of kit! It is a moving carriage on a large frame which is held in place by springs of differing resistance. This resistance can be set to either challenge the body through all phases of a movement, or to support. It gives you more feedback than matwork, making accuracy easier to achieve - and with the addition of ropes attached to the carriage, a footbar, a standing platform and a sitting box, there are literally hundreds of exercises done laying down, standing, sitting or kneeling, making it suitable for all bodies and conditions.


Our Reformer classes work out at £25 per class when booked in our 8-week blocks and we have five Allegro Reformers and therefore five people in a class. 


How often?


We have found over the years that in order to really reap the benefits, at least two sessions per week are recommended. This can take the form of just Matwork, just Reformer, or a combination! We also have clients attending 1:1s on top of their classes just to get that focus on their own individual needs!


What our clients say:


"GPP is a calm, focused environment, where you can experience a full-body workout no matter what your level. The staff are incredibly knowledgeable and genuinely concerned about your health and well-being. The benefits I have noticed are incredible! My posture is better, my muscles are toned and I feel stronger. The small classes are run in a professional manner but the personal touch is very evident. Everything is explained thoroughly without making you feel inadequate so you can achieve your personal goals. You can go at your own pace and will be encouraged to achieve. After a class you feel energised, relaxed, balanced and taller. You also wonder why you did not start classes years ago...."   Lynn, Guildford


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my Pilates experience with both Zilla and Jess over the past few years and have noticed significant improvements in my posture and overall muscle strength and tone. The instructors have a thorough understanding of how the body works and have a genuine desire to make Pilates work for each member of the class. The classes themselves are very friendly and are a perfect size so each individual is guaranteed to receive personal attention from the instructors who always take in to account individuals' abilities and restrictions. Both Matwork and Reformer classes are part of my weekly exercise regime and as a result of the countless benefits have now become an addiction! I couldn't be without them!"   Elli, Guildford

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