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Pilates Private Tuition


If you struggle to get to a class, are new to Pilates, have injuries that need specialised attention, or would simply like your Pilates sessions to be focused entirely on you and your individual needs, then our private 1:1 or 1:2 sessions may be just the thing.


These take place in our 1:1 room and use not only the Reformer and Mat but also the Cadillac, Stability Chair and Arc Barrel plus the small equipment, giving literally hundreds of options for your individual programming, allowing you to set your goals with your instructor and adapt your sessions accordingly. 


Our 1:1s are from £55 per hour, our 1:2s are from £65 per hour and can be booked with any of our instructors. Home visits can be arranged, pricing on request.


Alternatively, if you would like private sessions with your friends or colleagues at a time that would suit you, get in touch now!



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