Class Timetable, Descriptions & Pricing

Class Prices

All blocks are 8 weeks unless stated otherwise


Cardio Reformer.....£168

Matwork................. £96

GPP Barre..............£96

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for 1:1s and blocks of Matwork and Reformer classes 

Taster session vouchers for individual Mat or Reformer classes are also available if the recipient has prior experience of Pilates. 

Matwork taster ............................... £18

Reformer taster (must have

previous Reformer experience........£30

Private Tuition

Per hour

1:1 from £50.00

1:2 from £60.00

Home or workplace visits, please enquire!


Monday 28th October - Saturday 21st December


09:00 Reformer 1/2 - Jo

10:05 Matwork 1 - Jo

10:05 Reformer 1/2 - Cordelia

11:10 Reformer Beginners - Cordelia

18:30 Matwork 2 - Charlene

18:40 Reformer 2 - Jo

19:35 Matwork Mixed Level - Charlene

19:45 Cardio Reformer - Jo

20:45 Reformer Beginners - Charlene



09:10 Reformer 2 - Rebecca

10:15 Reformer 1 - Rebecca

12:25 Reformer 2 - Rebecca

17:55 Mat Deliberate Pace - Charlene

19:00 Reformer 1/2 - Charlene

20:05 Matwork Improvers - Charlene



09:15 Reformer 2/3 - Jenny

10:20 Reformer 1/2 - Jenny

11:25 Reformer 1/2 - Jenny

12:30 Reformer 2 - Cordelia

18:05 Beginner/Improver Mat - Elli

19:10 Reformer 2/3 - Elli

20:15 Reformer 1 - Elli


09:15 Reformer 1/2 - Jenny

10:30 Matwork Mixed Level - Elli

10:20 Reformer 2 - Jenny

12:30 Matwork 2 - Jenny

12:35 Reformer Improvers - Elli

18:55 Reformer 1 - Jo

19:00 Matwork 1 - Catherine

20:00 Reformer 2 - Jo



09:00 Reformer 1 - Emily

09:10 Mat 3 - Cordelia

10:05 Reformer 1 - Emily

11:10 Reformer 1/2 - Emily


08:30 Matwork 1/2 - Sarah

08:30 Cardio Reformer - Emily

09:35 Matwork Mixed Level

          (Suitable for beginners) - Louise

09:35 Reformer 1/2 - Emily

10:40 Reformer 1 - Emily

10:40 Beginner Matwork - Louise 

Class Descriptions:


Reformer 1: For those with some experience of Reformer who wish to work with the essential level repertoire at a deliberate pace.


Reformer 2: For those with considerable Reformer experience and without any injuries working at the essential and intermediate level with some advanced repertiore when appropriate.


Cardio Reformer: A high intensity Reformer workout involving Reformer Jump Board work and endurance repertoire to keep the heart rate elevated while increasing strength and flexibility. Not for beginners or Clients with injuries! 


Matwork Beginners: For those with no experience of Pilates or those that are returning after a break.


Matwork 1: For those with some some experience of Pilates who wish to work with the essential level repertoire at a deliberate pace.


Matwork 2: For those with considerable Pilates experience and without any injuries working at the essential, intermediate level with some advanced repertoire when appropriate.


Matwork 3: Working at a higher level incorporating more of the classical Pilates matwork repertoire to further increase, flexibility, strength and intensity. Not recommended for those with injuries.


Matwork Mixed Level: A mixed class offering a variety of progressions and modifications to accommodate the very new to the very experienced.


Cardio Matwork: An intense faster paced Matwork class designed not just to strengthen and mobilise the body but to keep the heart rate up!


Barre Pilates: A full body work out based at the ballet barre incorporating Pilates, dance and functional movement. A great strengthening class that produces long sculpted lean muscles particularly in the legs and bum!




How it works / Terms & Conditions

Group classes are scheduled and purchased on a block basis – typically 8 weeks. Clients are assigned to a particular class (i.e., Monday 09:00 Reformer) and attend that class for the duration. If clients wish to attend more than once a week, multiple blocks must be purchased.


We do offer a Swap System which allows you to cancel out of your regular class and book a swap. This system is subject to availability and the following terms and conditions:

  • We require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice by email to

  • All swaps must be completed within the block itself. They cannot be carried over to future blocks, nor be exchanged for 1:1s or studio credit.

  • Swaps can be arranged in advance. For example, if you know you are missing a week towards the end of a block, cancel off your session and complete your swaps at the beginning of the block.

  • Swaps are offered on a space available basis – one of the reasons why it is worth being organised and arranging swaps as soon as possible as you will have more choice available to you. Please note you may need to be flexible in terms of day/time/teacher and level in order to book your swaps – particularly if towards the end of a block.

  • If you are unable to arrange all swaps before the end of the block, these will expire with no exceptions. It is the responsibility of the client to arrange and attend any swaps needed.

  • Please note that if less than 24 hours’ notice is given, no swap will be offered or credit given. The only exception to this rule is if we can fill your space at short-notice from the waitlist.

  • All swaps are on a like-for-like basis (i.e., Reformer = Reformer, Matwork/Barre = Matwork/Barre)


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