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The running man

I just went out for an early run and as I was very slowly making my way up the annoyingly long hill that is Warren Road with what seemed like gale force winds in my face, I was wondering whether to turn back, go home and have another cup of tea.

While I was deliberating, I looked up and saw a gentleman who I have noticed three or four times over the past year on different running routes. He can't be any older than mid-50s and has incredibly limited movement - whether it is a lifelong condition or something more recent I obviously cannot tell - but he can't swing his arms or move his hands, his stride is short and his movement is a slow shuffle. But he runs.

Movement - and relative ease of movement for many of us - is such a privilege. And seeing my running man this morning, I thought how dare I contemplate heading back for another cuppa. Where there is movement, however limited, there is an opportunity to get out there and enjoy some fresh air - and wind and rain. I know we may have the distraction of chocolate and a comfy sofa this weekend AND the weather is meant to be pretty dismal, but if if you are able to, use that body of yours and get out there. Whether it be running, walking, cycling or skateboarding, throw on the necessary outer layers and make the most of the movement you have.

Happy Easter everyone! Now for that cup of tea...

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