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WIFE Conference & International Women's Day 2015

Hello everyone!

So, this is my first post for Guildford Pilates Place. The reason I have finally pulled my finger out to start a blog is that I had the pleasure of spending Saturday with nearly 100 other women at the inaugural WIFE Conference - or Women in Fitness Empowerment Conference - and as it was followed today by IWD 2015 it just couldn't go un-blogged!

It was the lovely Carina Bayley of Posture Perfect Pilates in Cranleigh that said 'hey, shall we go together?' and I thought if nothing else it would be great to spend the day catching up on news over numerous cups of coffee. I was quite nervous if I'm honest. I assumed that it would be full of lots of very energetic personal trainers and high intensity group exercise instructors.

I wasn't wrong about that, we even had Team GB Power lifting sisters, but every single woman that spoke taught me something new, made me think about my business, about how I approach the industry, about what I want for my studio and for me as a person. Each and every one of these women were passionate about sharing their knowledge, their highs and lows on the path to success and gave good, solid advice, hints and tips as to how to build the best business possible for the customer, whether it be Pilates, personal training or nutrituion.

It absolutely upheld the ethos of women getting together, working together and supporting each other. Thanks to Jacqueline Hooton for putting together and running such an excellent day and thank you to all the women in fitness that wanted to share their knowledge, so that ultimately we can ensure we offer you all the best possible fitness/leisure/wellbeing experience possible.

Here's to WIFE 2016. Go us!!!

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