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Guildford Pilates Place is Guildford's only fully-equipped studio dedicated solely to the Pilates method. We have been offering the highest quality Pilates since 2010 and teach you the true Pilates method to ensure you learn how to move with functional strength, ease and efficiency whether that be working on the Reformer, the Mat, or across the other Pilates studio equipment.

Whether you're a professional athlete, suffering from injuries or illnesses, or are simply wanting to stay in shape, look after your wellbeing and keep enjoying your chosen sports and activities (keeping those aches and pains at bay for as long as possible!) then come and join our studio.


We offer over 30 group classes per week - Reformer, In-studio Matwork and Zoom Matwork classes, in addition to our popular 1:1 and small group personal Pilates training sessions both in the studio and the workplace.


Our team are a highly qualified bunch of Pilates Instructors who have dedicated their careers to offering the highest quality of teaching, having completed their certifications with the world's leading training institutions.


We are a small, friendly, boutique studio with many of our clients coming to us through word of mouth and a large number have been with us since the start. We like to think that says it all!


Contact us today to either begin or continue your Pilates education - we look forward to welcoming you to the studio soon!

The timetable with all 31 classes per week can be viewed here!

And here's what our lovely clients say about us!


"It's absolutely clear that there is no way I could have joined this (sailing) team of 12 six months ago & have only been able to do so thanks to the efforts of the Guildford Pilates Place team. I know that you all get a lot of pleasure out of seeing people progress, but I just wanted to say the training your team give can be transformational for people who have neglected themselves for many years, as it has been in my case - your team are really super" Graham, Wonersh


"I’ve been going to Matwork Pilates at the Guildford Pilates Place for the last three years and have had a variety of instructors. Each instructor has been excellent, providing good variety in each class and has been very careful about ensuring the positions are performed correctly. Since I started classes I’ve had a big reduction in the amount of back pain I used to get’ Jonathan, Guildford


"The benefits I have noticed are incredible" Lynn, Guildford


“I have attended matwork, barre and reformer classes over several years at Guildford Pilates Place. The studio is comfortable, relaxed and well equipped. But the best thing is the high standard of teaching on offer. The instructors will tailor the classes to the clients’ needs, and make it fun at the same time. I see the positive results of regular classes in my posture and body shape. Sorry GPP, you are stuck with me for a long time!” Lucy, Guildford

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